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<aside> ⭐ In this paid cross-functional role, you’ll be bringing swsh to your campus in a unique and creative way! By becoming the face of our app on campus, you'll be in charge of getting students excited about swsh through on & off-campus events, collaborations with organizations, free gifting of swsh swag, and SO much more!

You'll also be responsible for communicating with our team any insights from your campus and how we can grow overall! We are looking for ambassadors who are passionate, driven, and excited about building our brand and growing our community!



We’re building swsh (Somewhere Somehow) to deepen the connections that matter to you. swsh is your finsta reimagined - for your friends, not followers.

We’ve experienced first-had our loneliness epidemic. Losing relationships that you care about suck, so instead of saying goodbye when you spend time with your friends, we instead chose to say “see you somewhere somehow”.

We stand for strong integrity: be truthful, honest, and respectful.

We share deep empathy: we’re all humans, be kind.

We lead with authenticity: be you, don’t bullsh*t.

We practice intentionality: thoughtful decisions drive greatness.

We act focused and fast: move like you’re a superhero.

why we’re building swsh


If you miss your finsta and hate infinite feeds, swsh is perfect for you. swsh is a social app to remember and share your time with your friends - not your followers.